About Our Artists

Graham Henry is a locally known Indigenous jewellery carver working primarily in silver and gold. Graham currently resides in Victoria BC with his wife and two kids. Mr. Henry is a self-taught engraver; perfecting his art style for the last 30 years. Born In Duncan BC, Graham is a member of the Cowichan Band of the Coast Salish Nation.

The Coast Salish peoples art styles are unique to the Pacific Northwest coast. The Coast Salish Nation makes up many different languages and cultural characteristics, stretching along the British Columbia and Washington state Coasts.

Graham is constantly experimenting and trying new techniques with his carving style to create the most unique and extraordinary jewellery. In 2012 Graham embarked on a new chapter of his carving, learning Repousse and Chasing metal. In 2014 he began teaching engraving to eager members of the community, wanting to become students of the culturally distinctive art form. Graham hopes his two boys will one day to carry on the trade.

Travis Henry was born in Duncan,BC and is a member of the Cowichan Tribes, Coast Salish Nation. He has been carving jewelry over 30 years . He was mentored by Kwakwaka’ artist Patrick Seaweed and his work reflects a blend of Kwakwaka waka’ and Coast Salish influences. He is best known for his deep, lines and highly detailed designs. Travis work is on display in galleries throughout the Northwest Coast, Japan and Europe.

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